Tequila Dinner with Fogonero

Tequila Dinner with Fogonero


Hamachi Crudo
Tequila, agave, limon, chili oil, pickled shallot.
Served with Fogonero Blanco: citrus, honey, fruit, light agave

Carne Asada Sopes
Avocado mousse, salted cabbage, queso fresco
morney, charred tomato
Served with Fogonero Reposado: oak, vanilla, caramel

Anejo marinated Puerco Pibil
arroz con limon, tostada
Served with Fogonero Anejo: heavy caramel, vanilla, oak, brown sugar

Spiced chocolate brownie
with cinnamon horchata ice cream
Served with Fogonero Extra Anejo: heavy sugar, heavy carmel, heavy oak

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